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Create AI & Master it... Beginners, Bing, MidJourney & Chat GPT

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“🌟 Get ready to dive into the world of AI! You will have Immediate access to the recording on a dashboard. After payment check your email to sign in. 

We’re exploring cutting-edge AI platforms like Chat GPT, Midjourney, and Microsoft Bing Image Creator to make your designs stand out. This is not just a class; it’s a skill revolution that will transform how you do business, especially on platforms like Etsy.

💡 Learn how to generate passive income by mastering AI. We’ll cover everything— the dos and don’ts, what you can create and sell, and the rules to follow. The session is extensive, but don’t worry about missing anything; It's available indefinitely.

🎨 For those who love our Photoshop classes, I’ll continue to provide you with stunning AI-created images to use in your projects. But if you’re ready to create these masterpieces yourself, this class is your gateway. I will be showing you how to take designs from class you created on day 1 and create masterpieces that will make you instant money. I will be teaching both programs.. Canva & Beginner Photoshop

👑 Included in the Queen Bees membership, so no worries for this group. You don’t need to pay anything extra.

This class is for those ready to level up. To upgrade and secure your spot, please message me. If you are already in my Photoshop for beginner courses.  you can use your monthly coupon for a discount.

Let’s buzz into the AI era together! 🐝”

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I learned so much. Coach Shannon is the MVP all her classes are great. Thank you!!!!